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Kitsune Kurita

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Kitsune Kurita
Born 3063
Affiliation The Republic of the Sphere
Profession Knight of the Republic
Parents Victor Steiner-Davion (father)
Omiko Kurita (mother)
Siblings Jade (half-sister)
Burton (half-brother)
Lee (half-brother)


Kitsune Kurita (b. 3063 - d. 3???) is the son of Victor Steiner-Davion and Omiko Kurita. He became a Knight of The Republic of the Sphere.

Early LifeEdit

Before Kitsune's true birth was revealed, he was presented as the son of Lady Miyako Kurita and as the cousin of Coordinator Hohiro Kurita's two sons, Shinjiro and Vincent.[1]

When Vincent Kurita married Lady Ramiko Nishimura in a private ceremony on the planet of Kirei Na Niwa on the 12th of May 3081, Kitsune and Vincent's brother Shinjiro accompanied Vincent as a part of the wedding party.[1]


When Kitsune was give the rank of Knight of the Republic, he asked that his rank would be bestowed on him by "one without whom I would be nothing." Devlin Stone and everyone else present thought that he was referring to one his uncles, but instead he addressed Victor Steiner-Davion "Father, it is from your hand that I would receive this honor."[2]

When this revelation came to light, it caused quite an uproar in the Draconis March and the Draconis Combine.

The Federated Suns propagandists turned Omiko Kurita into a succubus who seduced Victor for nefarious reasons.

Reactionary elements within the Combine, such as the Black Dragon Society, had been trying to get Kitsune to become the new Coordinator over Hohiro. Once this news came to light, the divisive talk stopped immediately and rumors abound that two minor lords (as well as hundreds of Black Dragon members) had committed seppuku because they were trying to get someone with Davion blood to replace someone with Kuritan blood.


  • Kitsune means, in Japanese, "Fox", so maybe Kitsune's name was a joke or a veiled reference to his Grandfather, Hanse Davion.


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