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Franklin Sakamoto

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Franklin Sakamoto
Also known as Franklin Kurita
Born 3019[1]
Affiliation House Kurita
Parents Theodore Kurita (father)
Kathleen Palmer (mother)
Siblings Hohiro (half-brother)
Omiko (half-sister)
Minoru (half-brother)
Children One son (name not known)

Franklin Sakamoto (b. ca. 3019 - d. 3???) was the illegitimate son of Theodore Kurita and ISF agent Kathleen Palmer.[2]


While working for Draconis Combine shipping conglomerate Isesaki Shipping, Sakamoto was arrested in 3050 by FedCom Intelligence agents for smuggling (it is unknown if the company knew of Sakamoto's smuggling activities). The rest of the crew of the JumpShip Katana and DropShip Kwaidan were also arrested during the same raid which apprehended Sakamoto, and which also saw the vessels impounded. Shortly after, then-Major Adam Steiner commandeered the impounded vessels and offered their crews amnesty and the eventual return of the vessels in exchange for providing transport for an intelligence gathering mission behind Clan lines. Franklin overcame his distrust of Adam Steiner to become one of the most valuable members of Steiner's 1st Somerset Strikers. It is rumored that Sakamoto rescued Prince Victor Steiner-Davion from an assassination attempt during his time with the Strikers. Sakamoto was also the first Inner Sphere Battle Armor trooper to destroy a Clan BattleMech (while piloting Sloth BattleArmor). Sakamoto has also demonstrated skill in BattleMech and AeroSpace Fighter piloting, in addition to some proficiency in demolitions. During his time with the 1st Somerset Strikers he was caught up, against his will, in an attempted coup against Takashi Kurita by the Black Dragon Society . The plot failed, Franklin renounced his claim to the Draconis throne, and rejoined the Strikers.[2]

Years later, Franklin Sakamoto and his father would finally meet, with Theodore publicly recognizing his son. Franklin became an officer in the Otomo. [3]

Franklin was captured during the joint Second Sword of Light (Kokuryu-kai) and Sathen's Snipers assault of the Imperial Palace's Sanethia Kurita Parade Grounds, on New Year's Day of 3068.[4]


While Franklin would renounce his own claim, his great-grandaughter Yori Kurita ascended to the throne of the Draconis Combine, upon the assassination of Coordinator Vincent Kurita. Coordinator Vincent's entire family were either killed or missing at the time, leaving Yori as the only heir despite her "illegitimate" status.[5] [6]


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