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Geralk Marik

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Geralk Marik
Also known as "The Bloodthirsty Giant"[1]
Born 2420
Died 2459
Affiliation House Marik
Profession Captain-General of the Free Worlds League
Children Simone Marik
Brion Marik
Carlos Marik

Geralk Marik (b. 2420—d. 2459)[2] was a House Marik nobleman, military commander, and the thirteenth Captain-General of the Free Worlds League, having served during the Age of War.


The grandson of Peter Marik, Geralk was noted for his military ambition and his lack of interest in politics. During his tenure, he only spent twenty percent of his time on Atreus. He spent most of his energy on his ambitions of conquest.[3]

Bella I & Alula Australis CampaignEdit

The Captain-General was noted for his bloody campaign into the Lyran Commonwealth in 2455[4]. His campaign began when his military forces drove into the Commonwealth, taking the worlds of Bella I and Alula Australis.

His efforts on Bella I were noted because he used heavy force to capture the planet, including continuous artillery barrages and aerospace craft to soften defensive positions of the Lyran defenders. Once this was done, Geralk sent in his massed armor forces to move in and wipe out any Lyran forces in their path. Seeing his war as a sanitizing, he ignored the rules of the Ares Conventions. He gave the order to his people that anyone on the enemy planet was considered an enemy, and, therefore, to be shot on sight.[5]

After his six month offensive on Bella, he moved to Alula Australis. His forces used the same methods from Bella I, inflicting incredibly high casualties on the Lyran defenders. His offensive on Alula Australis was considered incredibly bloody in an age where the Ares Conventions organized war in a chess-like manner. It was during the battle for Alula Australis that Geralk gained his nickname from the Lyran people, "The Bloodthirsty Giant".[5]

Loric Campaign and Geralk's downfallEdit

The Captain-General was pleased with his swift victories over the Lyran defenders. He decided to expand his campaign to the world of Loric. Free Worlds League Military forces established beachheads on the planet, however, the swift progress of his previous victories eluded him. The Lyran defenders conducted a flexible defense over the planet's surface. These actions allowed the defenders to draw out the Marik's campaign for three years.[5]

By 2459, the frustrated Captain-General formulated a new strategy. He led an attack on Lyran forces on Loric's southern continent. His intent was to begin with a massive artillery bombardment, then thrust his highly-motivated troops into battle. Before the barrage began, his forces spotted "monoliths", which he dismissed as being nothing. However, upon the first light of dawn, Geralk saw the monoliths for himself. Unknown to Marik, the Lyran Commonwealth had stolen designs for the first BattleMechs from one of the Terran Hegemony's secret factories. He was stunned as the giant machines marched forward towards his front lines. He mutely ordered the artillery bombardment to begin. His anti-personnel artillery shells rained down on the giant 'Mechs. He almost thought he had succeeded in stopping them, but a stiff wind revealed that the shelling had not done any damage to the 'Mechs. In rising panic, Geralk ordered his armored forces forward. He also ordered his forces to use high-explosive shells in both the tanks and artillery cannons. Lyran-built Mackies marched forward when Geralk's tanks made their move, answering with particle cannons, autocannons, and other weaponry. Within fifteen minutes the battle had turned against Geralk, with a regiment worth of his tanks laying in ruins. They had taken only one 'Mech down in the exchange.[5]

Geralk's fear grew greater as the BattleMechs continued to march forward. Despite his fear, he held his ground and called his whale-like troop ships to join the battle to reinforce his thinning forces. Their combination of firepower, along with his infantry forces and artillery, managed to briefly force the Lyrans back. By noontime, the Lyran commander of the 'Mech company called for Geralk and his forces to surrender. Geralk refused, stating that he wanted honorable death in battle instead. However, he did not get his wish. The Lyran 'Mechs overran his command post, pursuing the fleeing Mariks. Geralk the Bloodthirsty General died under the heel of a Lyran BattleMech.[5]

Family & LegacyEdit

All of his children would become Captain-General, starting with his daughter Simone, who was appointed to the post after his death on Loric.[6]

Geralk is also noted for being one of the most remembered Captain-Generals of the League's long history. He was also the first Captain-General to die in battle.[2]


  • Altered History 
    House Book fluff set Geralk's final moments differs from the newer short story. Where in the original, Geralk final being denied battlefield death is changed to him dying in his tank as Lyran's Mechs would still stomp on vehicle and killing him.

Titles and PositionsEdit

Preceded by
Peter Marik
Captain-General of the Free Worlds League

Succeeded by
Simone Marik


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