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Hector MechWorks Facility Beta

Hector Mech Works Facility Beta is a Clan Ice Hellion facility on the planet Hector.

Hector MechWorks Facility Beta
Company Information
Interstellar Company No
Primary Site(s) Hector
Primary Products Battle Armor


Facility Beta has an manufacturing center on the following planet:


Components produced on Hector:
Component Type
Piranha[1] Light BattleMech
Piranha 2[1] Light BattleMech
Piranha 3[1] Light BattleMech
Snow Fox[2] Light BattleMech
Snow Fox 2[2] Light BattleMech
Icestorm[3] Light BattleMech
Incubus 4 (Vixen)[citation needed] Light BattleMech
Incubus 5[citation needed] Light BattleMech
Battle Armor
Afreet[4] Medium Battle Armor
Elemental[citation needed] Medium Battle Armor
Bergan XIV Endo Steel Piranha[1]
Hellion Slopeback V1 Snow Fox[2]
Hellion Light V3 Icestorm[3]
Fusion Engine
160 Standard Snow Fox[2]
Fusion Engine - XL
180 Firebox XL Piranha[1]
Light Force 270 XL Incubus[citation needed]
300 XL Icestorm[3]
Armor - BattleMechs & Vehicles
Compound Alpha Standard Icestorm[3]
Armor - FF - BattleMechs & Vehicles
Compound Alpha Ferro-Fibrous Snow Fox[2]
Composite H17 Ferro-Fibrous Incubus[citation needed]
Forging ZK11 Ferro-Fibrous Piranha[1]
Communications System
Build 1685 Tacticom Icestorm[3]
CH2 Series Integrated Incubus[citation needed]
HCFA 3035 2.0 Snow Fox[2]
K9 Piranha[1]
Targeting-Tracking System
Able-Seven Sensor Suit Piranha[1]
HCFA 3047 1.5 Snow Fox[2]
Series IV Integrated Icestorm[3]
Version Gamma-V Incubus[citation needed]
Heavy Large Laser
General Systems Incubus[citation needed]
Heavy Medium Laser
General Systems Piranha[1]
Heavy Small Laser
General Systems Piranha[1]
Micro Pulse Laser
Raid Incubus[citation needed]
ER Micro Laser
Mustang 4.5 Incubus & Piranha[1]
Medium Pulse Laser
Series 14a Incubus[citation needed]
ER Medium Laser
Series 2f Piranha[1], Snow Fox[2], Icestorm[3] & Incubus
ER Small Laser
Series 1-s Piranha[1] & Snow Fox[2]
Machine Gun
Series XII Rotary Piranha[1]
Light Machine Gun
Series 2c Incubus[citation needed]
Pattern Alpha Icestorm[3]
Type X "Short Bow" Snow Fox[2]
System 4 Incubus[citation needed]


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