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John Fletcher

John Fletcher
John Fletcher
Born 31 August 2744[1]
Died 28??
Affiliation Star League
Clan Hell's Horses
Profession Lieutenant General

John Fletcher (born 31 August 2744[1] – died 28??) was a Star League Defense Force officer, infantryman, and later the first and founding Khan of Clan Hell's Horses.


Fletcher was considered every man's soldier, a natural leader who was known to lead from the front when he became a commanding officer.[2][3]

Character HistoryEdit

Star League CareerEdit

Major General John Fletcher was a SLDF infantry officer who rose up through the ranks to become commanding officer of the League's LVI Corps, 19th Army's 35th Infantry Division. He led his command into the Periphery with General Aleksandr Kerensky's expedition to put down the second Periphery uprising.

Through the fires of the Liberation of Terra, his unit survived to see the Star League's home world liberated in 2779. Fletcher's 35th Division remained intact enough to prevent it from being disbanded.

However, it became clear that the Terran Hegemony was unsalvageable, with fires of war between League states becoming apparent. Fletcher answered General Kerensky's call for Operation EXODUS, to save his men and himself from the terrible war that would come.

After making a year-long journey to the Pentagon Cluster, the now Star League-in-Exile disbanded his Division. He was then placed in charge of training troops for the Eden militia force.

In May 2801, Fletcher was part of troops who were sent to the rebellious city-state of Cathay. He was part of the SLDF force sent to put down the rebellion that killed General Aaron DeChavilier. The battle Fletcher and rest of the troops fought against citizens of Cathay, became what was known as DeChavilier Massacre. In the "cleanup action", Fletcher witness the desperate acts the SLDF forces had to invoke to overcome fanatical citizens fighting off the policing action.[4] During the outbreak of violence caused by the Cathay uprising, Fletcher banded together with other supporters of Kerensky to keep fans of end the infighting in the League's new homeworlds. Though seen as futile, he proved to many including Kerensky's son Nicholas, of his devotion to the General's dream.[5]

When Aleksandr Kerensky died, Fletcher advocated that the General's son Nicholas should be in command of SLDF. However, due to Fletcher's status as an infantry officer, he was not well regarded among his fellow officers. When Nicholas was gathering veterans and officers for his Second Exodus, he valued Fletcher's opinions that were ignored by others and convinced Fletcher to join him.[6]

Second Exodus and formation of Hell's HorsesEdit

On Strana Mechty, Fletcher was chosen by Nicholas to lead a select number of warriors that would form his new Clan warrior caste. Fletcher was teamed with former BattleMech Battalion commander Patricia Cobb to became the founding Khans of Clan Hell's Horses. He would implement training principles of Combined Arms into his cadre of troops. They used, among other personnel, former crew members from a number of decommissioned WarShips. Many of the BattleMech oriented Clans scoffed at Fletcher's Combined Arms strategy, claiming that it was inferior.[7]

By 2818, Khan Fletcher awaited patiently along with his fellow Khans for reports from Operation: Sable Sun. He was among the Khans whom from the decades of warfare fighting with SLDF, knew the unClanlike intelligence mission was necessary before they could retake the worlds of the Pentagon Cluster.[8]

During the formation of his Clan, Khan Fletcher and Cobb conducted a serious reshuffling of Bloodnamed Warriors and "support" troops in their Clan's Cluster to meet ilKhan Kerensky's limitation of 40 warriors per Clan for the invasion. Playing by the letter of their orders, the Horse's bloodnamed warriors were restricted to Pilots, Vehicle Commanders and Squad leaders, as well as MechWarriors. Limiting the number of MechWarriors, Fletcher managed to re-arrange his force so he would have a larger support force than other Clans participating in the future expedition to Pentagon.[9]

Operation KLONDIKE: Eden CampaignEdit

Early days of the campaignEdit

On 20 March 2821, Khan Fletcher and the rest of the Clans' leaders assembled one last time where they discussed the final details of Operation KLONDIKE in Nicholas' capital city of Katyusha. Khan Fletcher's Clan was assigned to the invasion of Eden along with Clans Jade Falcon, Smoke Jaguar, and Wolf.

Upon their arrival on Eden, the ilKhan placed his Clan in reserve for the campaign. As weeks passed, and hearing of the early victories of the other Clans, Khan Fletcher petitioned Kerensky to send his force into active duty instead of providing security in the rear area.

The ilKhan assigned him the mission to take over the city-states of the Purgatory Peninsula, with only half of his force allotted to take the proto-state lands.[10]

Invasion of the Purgatory PeninsulaEdit

In the campaign, his Clan received bad intelligence regarding the state of the cities of the Peninsula. Where it was believed the mix of Lyran and Marik populations had typically warred among themselves. Clan Intelligence did not realize the people of the Purgatory would unite against a common foe.

Advance elements of his force began to spring a series of traps and well planned ambushes in razed lands of Minotaur Shatters. Fletcher seeing what was happening, recalled his advance scouts. Being a veteran of guerrilla warfare that played out on Terra against Rim Worlds Republican troops, he began seeking a weakness in the enemy's strategy.[11] He then dispatched probes that reported back precisely where Purgatory's forces were staging from. Fletcher then had his troops move in and attack the Purgatory troops head-on, where his Clan's superior abilities would prevail. Fletcher used his own 'Mech forces as a lure for traps, where his armor and infantry assets would ambush Purgatory troopers foolish enough to take the bait.

In the two weeks of fighting, Fletcher's Horses had destroyed the bulk of the Purgatory's 'Mech forces. He moved to take Purgatory's isolated cities, where he had his people jam transmissions between these three cities to prevent them coordinating their counter-attack against him and his troops. After the campaign against Allah and Dante, his forces fought a bloody street-to-street battle in Vesta. Khan Fletcher surprised the captive population by announcing that he was to initiate martial trials to select the best of the Purgatory's population to become part of his infantry and vehicle crews. By doing this, he easily assimilated the population and brought his Cluster's force to full strength in relatively short order for the next leg of the campaign to take rest of Eden.[12] Vesta would later be known as Hades, capital city of the Hell's Horses Clan.[13]

Battle for Novy MoscvaEdit

On August 14th, the Horses along with other Clan forces were transported to the Noruff continent where they began the final leg of their campaign for Eden. They launched their invasion into the proto-state Levic Ascendancy, governed by SLDF officers who refuted Nicholas' leadership of the League-In-Exile.

The Levic Ascendancy's armed forces, the Ascendancy Martial Foundation, put up a hearty fight for territory. Fletcher's troops struggled along with the rest of the Clans to garrison a settlement they had taken outside the Ascendancy's capital of Novy Moscva in October.

The IlKhan, officially leading the invasion of the city, moved half of the Clans to conduct a four pronged attack. Among actions taken by Fletcher's troops, they ensured safe removal of demolition charges on one of the bridges into the city, Cameron Most, for the Smoke Jaguar force. Khan's vehicles and infantry supported various Clan forces in their attacks, such as the Wolves' attack against the Eden Military Academy. He led his men in clearing a section of city, clearing the way for ilKhan Kerensky to move his command post to his father's old Command Bunker.

It was not until November that the main body of the Ascendancy's forces were shattered after its leader was killed.[14]


From the fires of Eden came John Fletcher,

a true warrior, leader of men, not of machines.
His wisdom became that of a new Clan
that challenged even the mightiest of 'Mechs.

  — The Remembrance (Clan Hell's Horses), Passage 13, Verse 1, Lines 1-4

The fighting on Eden had proven that Fletcher's battle tactics of using infantry and conventional forces was valuable and had a place among the Toumans of the Clans. Fletcher's leadership during the campaign in Purgatory allowed for the Clan to recover its strength in the years after the Pentagon campaign, allowing it to colonize and prosper in the initial open years of the Golden Century. [15]


Game RulesEdit

While using Historical: Operation Klondike's Running Notable Personalities campaign traits the following abilities may be applied when using Khan Fletcher in a campaign. If Fletcher is present and active on the battlefield, all Hell's Horse warriors receive a +1 to-hit modifier to their attack rolls. Using his specialty ability of control, when force Fletcher is present with wins initiative. The number of vehicles equal to margin of success of the initiative roll may move as a single unit that are within three hexes of the Khan's vehicle.[16]

Titles and PositionsEdit

Preceded by
Khan of Clan Hell's Horses
2807 – 28??

Succeeded by


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