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Matabushi Computing Equipment

Matabushi Computing Equipment

Company Information
Interstellar Company No
Primary Site(s) Luthien
Primary Products Electronics


Matabushi Computing Equipment is one of the principal divisions of Matabushi Incorporated.[1]

The Matabushi Computing Equipment plant on Luthien took significant damage during the course of the Jihad, but by 3079 the plant had resumed manufacturing; at this point, the plant was concentrating on manufacturing the electronic components such as Guardian ECM systems, Artemis IV fire control systems and C3 systems essential to the combat equipment manufactured by Matabushi.[2]


Matabushi Computing Equipment has manufacturing centers on the following planets:


Note: During the long Jihad, the facility on Luthien, suffers capital and personnel losses of 60%, and the operating capacity of the factory is reduced to 60% of their main production volume in 3079.[3]

Components produced on Luthien:[4]
Component Type
Communications System
Sipher CommCon SCU-4 Panther[4]
Sipher CommSys 1 Lifesaver, Daimyo, Tokugawa[4]
Sipher CommSys 3 Grand Dragon[4]
Sipher Security Plus Jenner, Marauder, Wolftrap, Charger, Atlas, Mauler, Victor[4]
Targeting-Tracking System
Matabushi Sentinel Jenner, Quickdraw, Griffin, Wolverine, Atlas, Mauler, Victor[4]



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