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Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Agamemnon


The first-of-class WarShip of the Agamemnon-class of heavy cruisers, the Menelaus was in service with the Free Worlds League by early 3059 and became both the flagship of the League's fledgling black water navy and the centrepiece of the resurgent naval re-armament programme.[1]

The FWLS Menelaus completed her shakedown trials in public, with the series of trials being performed along the border between the Lyran Commonwealth and the Free Worlds League. The Captain chosen to command the Menelaus was Captain Samra Ghani, former commander of the Hamilcar-class assault DropShip FWLS Dark Bane and an individual well known for his experience, ruthlessness and loyalty.[1]

By 3067 the Menelaus had been in service for the better part of a decade and was one of four cruisers of her class and manufacturing block known to be on active service, serving alongside the FWLS Aieneas, FWLS Hippolyta and FWLS Troy.[2]

The Menelaus was the the only ship of her class not to be suborned by the Word of Blake during the Jihad. Operating in concert with two Eagle-class frigates, the FWLS Galahad and FWLS Lancelot, the Menelaus ambushed two former League vessels which the Blakists had suborned, the Black Lion-class battlecruiser WoBS Xanthos and the Aegis-class heavy cruiser WoBS Impetuous in the Shiloh system in August 3070, destroying both.[3][4][5]

After the reformation of the Free Worlds League in 3139, the Menelaus was one of two functional WarShips in active service. Due to scarcity of resources to maintain WarShips, the Menelaus would remain assign to Ionus star system protecting the Illium shipyards with Eagle-Class Frigate, Lancelot.[6]


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