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Scarborough Manufacturers

Scarborough Manufacturers produces hover vehicles for the Draconis Combine.

Scarborough Manufacturers

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The Draconis Combine's version of the Pegasus hover tank lacks the sophisticated communications and targeting systems that make the Pegasus such a popular vehicle. Nonetheless, its physical performance is enough to make it one of the most popular vehicles in the DCMS.

During the Jihad, the main plant on Al Na'ir was damaged by the Word of Blake. The main cause was the damage the Blakists inflicted on the dome that protected the facility. To counteract this, Scarborough opened a manufacturing annex on Algedi. This location kept producing hovertanks through the Jihad. There are also rumors that Scarborough has factory lines on Quentin[1] and New Samarkand, but no definitive information is available beyond speculation that production of a prototype Atlas variant based on design specifications salvaged from the Yori MechWorks plant on Al Na'ir may be intended for the Scarborough plant on New Samarkand.[2]


Scarborough Manufacturers has manufacturing centers on the following planets:

Al Na'irEdit

The Al Na'ir facility was lucky to escape the Jihad with only moderate damage at the hands of the Blakists, although the plant's experienced local workforce took heavier losses.[1]

Components produced on Al Na'ir[3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10]
Component Type
J. Edgar (Cell)[3] Hovercraft - Hover Tank
Hover APC[4] Hovercraft
Maxim[4][5] Hovercraft - Hover Transport
Pegasus[4][6] Hovercraft - Scout Hovertank
Scimitar[4][7] Hovercraft - Hover Tank
Scimitar Mk II[8] Hovercraft - Hover Combat Vehicle
Saladin[4][9] Hovercraft - Assault Hover Tank
Saladin Mk II[11] Hovercraft - Hover Tank
Saracen[4][10] Hovercraft - Medium Hover Tank
Saracen Mk II[12] Hovercraft - Hover Tank
ConLee 60 [citation needed]
ConLee 75 [citation needed]
ConLee 80 APC[4]
ConLee 105 Saladin[4][9], Saracen[4][10] and Scimitar[4][7] and Pegasus[4]
GM 150 Pegasus[6]
PowerTech 165 HighLift Maxim[5]
Fusion Engine
Omni 175 Scimitar Mk II[8]
Scarborough 140 [citation needed]
Armor - BattleMechs and Vehicles
ProtecTech 4 Saladin[4][9]
ProtecTech 6 Pegasus[4][6], Maxim[4][5]
ProtecTech 7 Saracen[4][10] and Scimitar[4][7]
ProTech Light APC[4]
StarGuard II Scimitar Mk II[8]
Armor - FF - BattleMechs and Vehicles
ProTec 12 Ferro-Fibrous [citation needed]
Scarborough Talky-1 Communications System - Pegasus and Saracen[4][10]
Communications System
Scarborough Talky-2 Saladin[4][9], Scimitar[4][7] and Maxim[4][5]
Scarborough Talky 2 w/Guardian ECM Suite Scimitar Mk II[8]
Scarborough Talky-3 [citation needed]
Targeting-Tracking System
Scarborough Assault-1 Saladin[4][9]
Scarborough Tracky-1 w/TAG Pegasus[4], Saracen[4][10], Maxim[4][5] and APC[4]
Scarborough Tracky 2 Scimitar[4][7] & Scimitar Mk II[8]
Scarborough Tracky-3 [citation needed]
Armstrong J11 Scimitar[7]
Scarborough Original 5 Scimitar[4]
Scarborough Original 20 Saladin[4][9]
Small Laser
Diverse Optics 10 Scimitar Mk II[8]
ER Small Laser
Diverse Optics 10X Scimitar Mk II[8]
Holly Scimitar Mk II[8]


Scarborough opened the Algedi Manufacturing Annex during the Jihad. The Annex was a small facility located at the edge of Algiers, the capital city, and included a mosque to enable local workers to worship five times a day in keeping with the tenets of the Azami's religious beliefs.[13] The Annex was the only Scarborough facility to escape the Jihad untouched, while details of work being conducted at the Annex beyond construction of the common Pegasus hovertank were kept out of the hands of foreign intelligence agencies.[1]

Components produced on Algedi[14][15][16]
Component Type
Pegasus[14] Hovercraft - Scout Hovertank
Pegasus X[15] Hovercraft - Scout Hovertank
Pegasus (X-Pulse)[16] Hovercraft
Scimitar Mk II[8] Hovercraft - Hover Tank
Saladin Mk II[11] Hovercraft - Hover Tank
Saracen Mk II[12] Hovercraft - Hover Tank
Fusion Engine - XL
Scarborough 210 XL Pegasus (X-Pulse)[16]
Armor - FF - BattleMechs & Vehicles
ProtecTec 19 Heavy Ferro-Fibrous Pegasus (X-Pulse)[16]
Communications System
Scarborough Talky 4 w/C3 Slave System]] Pegasus (X-Pulse)[16]
Targeting-Tracking System
Scarborough Tracky 1 Pegasus (X-Pulse)[16]
Medium X-Pulse Laser
Diverse Optics Type 25PX Pegasus (X-Pulse)[16]
Streak SRM-6
Guided Technologies 2nd Generation Pegasus (X-Pulse)[16]


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