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Small Laser

Inverted Small Laser.jpg
Small Laser
Production information
Type Energy (Direct Fire)
Tech Base Inner Sphere (IS)
Year Introduced 2290 TH.[1]
Technology Rating C
Availability Ratings B[2]/B[2]/B[2]
Technical specifications
Heat 1[3]
Damage 3[3]
Minimum Range 0[3]
Short Range 1[3]
Medium Range 2[3]
Long Range 3[3]
Tons 0.5[3]
Critical Slots 1[3]
Space Slots 1[3]
Cost (unloaded) 11,250[2]
BV (1.0) 9[citation needed]
BV (2.0) 9[4]


The Small Laser is a free-electron laser which focuses a beam of light on targets to cause damage.[5] The compact size of the Small Laser allows it to be equipped and used efficiently on practically anything; however the reduced firepower means that Small Lasers are not usually used on heavier combat devices such as 'Mechs or tanks. Small lasers can also be mounted on battle armor or used as an infantry support weapon by conventional infantry, where it is referred to as a "Support Laser."[6][2]


The Small Laser is manufactured on the following planets:

Allied Technologies 1Edit

Manufactured on Manufactured by Typically used in References
Nirasaki New Age Systems Incorporated [citation needed]

ChisComp 32Edit

Manufactured on Manufactured by Typically used in References
Campbelton Fusigon Heavy Weaponry [citation needed]
Marduk Victory - (Norse BattleMech Works) [citation needed]
New Avalon Achernar BattleMechs [citation needed]
Oliver Brigadier Corporation [citation needed]

Harmon LightEdit

Manufactured on Manufactured by Typically used in References

Hessen IXEdit

Manufactured on Manufactured by Typically used in References
Terra Skobel MechWorks Mercury

Magna Mk IEdit

Manufactured on Manufactured by Typically used in References
Lopez Magna Metals Inc
Brand Planet Company Used by References
Bowie Electronics Terra Bowie Industries  ??? [citation needed]
Defiance A5L Duran
Hesperus II
Rastaban Agricultural
Defiance Industries
 ??? [citation needed]
Defiance B3S Furillo/Hesperus II Defiance Industries  ??? [citation needed]
Dinatec Mark III Terra Mitchell Vehicles  ??? [citation needed]
Diverse Optics Type I Glasgow Wesley Industries  ??? [citation needed]
Diverse Optics 10 Alpheratz
Alliance Defenders Limited
Brooks, Inc.
Trellshire Heavy Industries
Diverse Optics Incorporated
 ??? [citation needed]
Dodd Soul
Blankenburg Technologies  ??? [citation needed]
Exostar Delavan Dynamico Limited  ??? [citation needed]
Exostar-2C Epsilon Eridani Kressly Warworks  ??? [citation needed]
Exostar IV Mars Wangker Aerospace  ??? [citation needed]
Firmir LaserLite Betelgeuse Firmir Weaponry  ??? [citation needed]
Intek Terra Ford Military Limited/Skobel MechWorks  ??? [citation needed]
Jackson Model 12 Indicass
Ceres Metals Industries
Norse-Storm Technologies Incorporated
 ??? [citation needed]
Kajuka Type 1 Stiletto Sian
Saroyan Special Projects
| Kajuka (Aerospace Division)
 ??? [citation needed]
Krieger Orestes
Odin Manufacturing
Pandora 'Mech Works
 ??? [citation needed]
Magna Stewart Corean Enterprises  ??? [citation needed]
Magna Starglow Outreach Blackwell Heavy Industries  ??? [citation needed]
Martell Asuncion/Bernardo
Earthwerks Incorporated
Flame Tech
FLE-17 Flea
[citation needed]
McCorkel Terra Caletra Fighters  ??? [citation needed]
Starflash I Atreus Imstar Aerospace  ??? [citation needed]


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