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Second Battle of Outreach (3067)

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Part of The Jihad
Start Date December 3067
Location Harlech
Planet Outreach
(Defender) Wolf's Dragoons

Overview of the BattleEdit

Second Harlech, or Second Battle of Harlech was a Word of Blake assault, one of the first battles of the Jihad.

Prelude to the BattleEdit

The growing power of the Word of Blake in the Chaos March and the creation of Word of Blake Protectorate was seen as a threat by the Wolf's Dragoons. His leader, Jaime Wolf, founded the Allied Mercenary Command (AMC) on the 7th of March 3066, to counter their advance. The World of Blake launched a attack of mercenaries against Outreach, the First Harlech. The mercenaries were annihilated, but they killed Jaime Wolf, and the Dragoons launched a counterattack who ends in a slaughter, in the Battle of Mars.

The attackEdit

Space battleEdit

The Word of Blake retaliated with a major assault on Outreach, this time with the goal of destroying the Dragoons. The assault began on the 20th of December when a Blakist force jumped into the Outreach system and destroyed the Dragoon's two defending Lola III-class WarShips, the WDS Darius and the WDS Nelson plus both of the planetary orbital stations, Horatio and Mercutio[1]. The Blakist naval vessels then destroyed the Outreach orbital stations; the flagship of the Dragoon's naval forces, the Aegis-class heavy cruiser WDS Alexander, then attempted a last-ditch defense, but was unable to hold off the Word of Blake forces.[2] A news broadcast from Wayne Newman of the Harlech News Network, who was embedded on the polar-orbit station Mercutio identified the attackers as Blakist forces, and identified the WarShip squadron as consisting of a Black Lion-class battlecruiser, an Aegis, two Essex-class destroyers and two Lola IIIs.[3][4] While the Blakists operated three Black Lions, six Essexes and up to eight Aegis during the course of the Jihad, only two Lola IIIs were identified within the Blakist fleet - the WoBS Faith's End and her sister ship WoBS End of Wisdom.[5]

Ground battleEdit

The 21 of December, a day after the naval assault the Word of Blake began a ground assault on Outreach.[2] Despite the betrayal by the Broadsword Legion, the Dragoons were able to rally and, at one point, pushed the Blakist invaders to the point of collapse. In the final actions of the battle the Broadsword Legion, a mercenary group hired by the Dragoons, but really a Word of Blake unit, turned on its erstwhile allies and inflicted serious damage on the Wolf Spider Battalion, effectively destroying the unit, except for their leader, Stacy Church, but suffering crippling losses in the process. However, the Legion managed to reunite with the rest of the Blakist ground units. After the Legion's betrayal, the Dragoons were enraged by the betrayal, and they managed to defeat the blakists. Soon, Alpha regiment finally arrived, led by Maeve Wolf. While they get to the planet, the Alexander WarShip fought the Blakist fleet, destroying several Blakist DropShips and damaging two WarShips before retreat.[6] Then, sensing imminent defeat, Blakist fleet commander, Precentor Shin-Ichi Yoshizumi determined victory would not come through a ground battle alone, from the 1st Word of Blake Division executed their optional orders: the 26 of December, Blakist Warships launched nuclear strikes against the Dragoons[7]; the forces the Dragoons and their allies had on the continent of Romulus were apparently heavily damaged, while those on Remus were completely destroyed by the bombardment.[2]


General Maeve Wolf gathered what survivors she could and evacuated with the assistance of Clan Wolf-in-Exile and the Kell Hounds, finding sanctuary on Arc-Royal.[8] The WDS Alexander was destroyed covering the retreat called by General Wolf on the 26th of December, and with the destruction of the Alexander, five of the six WarShips operated by Wolf's Dragoons had been lost in action against the Word of Blake in less than three weeks. Despite the bombardment of Outreach and the general retreat by the Dragoons and their remaining allies, the Word of Blake began a blockade of the planet.[2]


Despite the blockade, a task force from Clan Wolf-in-Exile left for Outreach on the 20th of March and fought through fierce resistance from the Blakist forces to extract more than two dozen Dragoons and scores of civilian survivors from the remains of the planet.[9] Despite their retreat, small units of Dragoons would continue to resist the occupying forces for years afterward. The Blakist's garrison never managed to completely crush the Dragoon's resistance, and eventually them, led by the reborn Black Spider battalion, managed to annihilate the Broadsword Legion and retake the planet.[10] [11][12]



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