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Tiaret Nevversan

Tiaret Nevversan
Born 3037[1]
Affiliation Clan Smoke Jaguar

Tiaret Nevversan (born 3037 – died 3???) was an Elemental geno-type warrior and a former member of Clan Smoke Jaguar. She was made a bondswoman following the aftermath of the Inner Sphere's invasion of the Smoke Jaguar homeworld of Huntress. She had a patrilineal relationship to Lincoln Osis, the IlKhan of the Clans.[2]


Clan WarriorEdit

During the last days of the fighting on Huntress in 3060 Tiaret had led her Point of Elementals into the sewers of Lootera along with an entire Sibko of 50 children aged roughly 10 years old. She had feared the youngsters would be executed as her Clan faced annihilation. Victor Steiner-Davion met with her and gave his assurance that if they surrendered they would not be harmed. As the children exited the sewers five were noted to be missing. Victor and Tiaret re-entered the sewers and successfully rescued them, upon reaching the surface again Victor made her his bondswoman. He then instantly freed her making her a warrior of the Star League.[2].

Service to VictorEdit

She became Victor's bodyguard and helped him to prepare for the Great Refusal against the Crusader Clans[2]. Following the victory of the Inner Sphere on Strana Mechty, she travelled to the Inner Sphere with Victor.[3]

While on Mogyorod in December 3062 Tiaret was wounded by an assassin trying to murder Omi Kurita[4]. The wounds caused her to take two months off for enforced rest and recuperation. When she returned to duty she was given full authority over Prince Victor's security, a job she undertook with absolute efficiency.[5]

She voted to stand with Victor at the start of the FedCom Civil War[6] and followed him to Newtown Square[7] and New Capetown[8] as he attempted to rally troops to his cause. In the last place, however, Tiaret's presence made Victor's recruitment fail: The unit on planet didn't like to see a Clanner beside the Prince, and refused to follow him.[9]

When the fighting finally broke out, Tiaret actively participated in many battles alongside Victor including Coventry in December 3063[10], Halfway in May 3064[11], Tikonov in February 3065 where she led a Point of Infiltrators[12] and Thorin in January 3066.[13]

Despite seeing heavy combat, Tiaret survived the FedCom Civil War and attended a costume ball on Arc-Royal in October 3067, while accompanying Victor to the Fourth Whitting Conference. It was here she made friends with Ranna Kerensky of Clan Wolf-in-Exile.[14]


Tiaret had dark skin, described as fawn to khaki in colour. Her hair was shaved tight to her head except for a ponytail at the back woven with red cord.[15] Her eyes were bright blue.[16] She stood 2.30m tall and was very muscular.[14]


Though ilKhan, Lincoln Osis acted as if he were still a Smoke Jaguar Khan. In doing so he did not serve the Clans or the Smoke Jaguars.

--Tiaret Nevversan[2]


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