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Xavier Bannson

Xavier Bannson
Born 3032
Affiliation Capellan Confederation

Xavier Bannson (born 3032 - died 3???) was the CEO of Trellis Electronics of Victoria.[1]


Historically, Trellis Electronics of Victoria had a long-term contract to provide the Capellan Confederation Armed Forces with communications equipment and targeting and tracking systems. Trellis Electronics was never a major player on the corporate scene, but it was a stable employer that drew on the constant stream of competent engineers and technical staff trained by the technical university on Victoria, and overall Trellis Electronics was a boon to the planetary economy.[1]

Xavier Bannson joined Trellis Electronics after graduating from Sian University and proved himself to be both a decisive executive and an excellent manager within the company. It was these characteristics that led to the board of Trellis Electronics appointing Xavier to the position of CEO of the company shortly before Operation GUERRERO in 3057, a time when the political and military climate within the Inner Sphere was changing.[1]

Recognising that changes were inbound, Xavier worked tirelessly to improve Trellis Electronics' production facilities and to win contracts from the re-formed Star League Defence Force. Through the lucrative contracts the company won from the Second Star League the engineers within the company gained access to cutting-edge military electronic technologies, and it wasn't long before Trellis Electronics was not only producing but also pioneering advanced BattleMech components and next-generation targeting systems.[1]

As with most companies in the Capellan Confederation Trellis Electronics suffered during the Jihad; with the Confederation economy in pieces and many companies unable to communicate with other systems, a large number of companies couldn't import materials and had to simply stop production. Some companies, considered to be strategic targets, even came under direct attack from Word of Blake forces. Trellis managed to avoid a degree of harm because of its location and the lack of strategic company targets to be attacked, suffering only moderate hardship in comparison to some other companies. Throughout the early years of the Jihad Xavier provided even and firm leadership for the company, and when the CCAF began gearing up for a counter-invasion of the Word of Blake Protectorate in the mid-3070s Xavier readied Trellis to begin mass-production once more. Trellis Electronics was soon actively supplying electronics systems for the newest Capellan designs, putting the company on the verge of becoming an economic power within the major industries of the Confederation.[1]

Despite being CEO, Xavier continued to take a hands-on approach with some of his pet projects and remained technically adept. He also outsourced his various security needs to small-time mercenary commands, and was known to sometimes assist personally in the various negotiations involved.[2]



  • Xavier Bannson applies a +2 modifier to Negotiation Checks that he personally assists.[2]
  • If equipment has been developed or repaired by Xavier and his personal technician team that equipment is considered to be well-made and applies a +2 modifier to all Repair Checks.[2]


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