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AC-20 is manufactured on the following planets:

Brand Planet Company
ChemJet Gun 185mm Betelgeuse Aldis Industries
ChemJet Gun 185mm New Samarkand New Samarkand Metals
ChemJet Gun 185mm Terra Aldis Industries
Armstrong Requiem Ramora United Outworlders Corporation
Crusher SH Cannon Kalidasa Quikscell Company
Crusher SH Cannon Indicass Ceres Metals Industries
Defiance 'Mech Hunter Hesperus II Defiance Industries
Imperator Zeta-a Atreus Imperator Automatic Weaponry
Kali Yama Big Bore Kalidasa Kali Yama Weapons Industries Incorporated
Luxor Devastator-20 New Syrtis Johnston Industries
Mydron A Bithinia Bithinian Ballistics
Mydron A Gulkana Yeffters Weapons Factory
Pontiac 100 Sterope Sterope Defense Industries
Scarborough Original 20 Al Na'ir Scarborough Manufacturers
Scarborough Original 20 Scarborough Scarborough Limited