Oriente Protectorate

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The Oriente Protectorate was founded in 3086, after the dissolution of the Free Worlds League. Descended from one of the original founding states of the League, the Oriente Protectorate is a fusion of the Grand Duchy of Oriente, the Protectorate, and the Duchy of Orloff. Oriente is theoretically a representative government, but it operates under military rule, much like the Free Worlds League after the fall of the Star League.

This second-largest of the League successor states was led by the false Thomas Marik and his wife Sherryl Halas after the death of Sherryl's father, Duke Christopher Halas, in 3080. The Principality of Regulus viciously assaulted Oriente time after time for harboring the false Thomas, which forced Oriente to expand away from the Regulans. Sporadic fighting continued until the 3120s.

The current head of state is Captain-General Jessica Marik, the only child of "Thomas" and Sherryl to survive the Jihad. Jessica desires nothing less than the reestablishment of the Free Worlds League under her rule. The most visible step she has so far taken to that end was the conquest of Marik in 3137 (with the help of Clan Sea Fox and the Spirit Cats), as well as border worlds between Oriente and the Marik-Stewart Commonwealth. In order to do this, however, she had a SAFE agent bomb a prominent hotel in the Regulan Fiefs. This had the hallmark of a Word of Blake attack, which required Captain-General Lester Cameron-Jones' attention. When he realized that he had been distracted so that Jessica could make her assault, he sent an assassin after her children, who succeeded in killing one and severely injuring another.

Another part of her plan was establishing positive relations with other states that had once been a part of the League, namely the Duchy of Tamarind-Abbey and the Duchy of Andurien. Her relations with Andurien went sour in 3138, however, after a Republic of the Sphere Ghost Knight set off a nuclear device on the Andurien border world of Kwamashu and successfully implicated Oriente.