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Priori is a system and planet in the Kerensky Cluster region of Clan space.[1]

Priori nearby systems (3151)
Priori nearby systems (3151)
(Map Legend)
System Information
X:Y Coordinates 3.761 : 1807.901[e]
Spectral class KOII
Planets 8
Priori VII
System position 7 (of 8)
Surface gravity 1.1 G
Atmospheric pressure Standard (Breathable)
Highest native life Fish


Priori was colonized by the Clans by the 29th century. Its Terran-like atmosphere and ecology made it a popular site for colonization and, prior to the Burrock Absorption, Priori was one of the major worlds held by Clan Burrock. Along with their capital world of Albion, the planet was the site of the main battles between the Burrocks, Star Adders and Blood Spirits. After the Burrock Absorption control of the system was almost equally divided between Clans Diamond Shark and Star Adder. [2]

Garrisoning Military ForceEdit

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Nearby SystemsEdit

Closest 20 systems (11 within 60 light-years)
Distance in light years, closest systems first:
Delios 20.7 Gatekeeper 38.8 Kirin 40.2 Brim 48.5
Strana Mechty 49.2 Tamaron 49.4 Lum 50.0 Hellgate 50.9
Albion 56.2 Shadow 58.2 Marshall 58.3 Huntress 67.6
Strato Domingo 73.1 York 74.6 Grant's Station 75.7 Ironhold 75.9
Londerholm 79.4 Hoard 80.2 Tathis 81.9 Zara 82.9



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