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Saltillo nearby systems (3151)
Saltillo nearby systems (3151)
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System Information
X:Y Coordinates -310.742 : -82.508[e]

Planetary GarrisonEdit

Owner HistoryEdit

Planetary HistoryEdit

Star League EraEdit

During the Star League era both Saltillo and the nearby Millungera system were jointly administered by the Free Worlds League and the Star League, with the intention on keeping an eye on the traffic moving in and out of the region known as the Bolan Thumb. In 2783 the Free Worlds League annexed Millungera completely, and the next year the League annexed Saltillo; these annexations were cited as signs of "naked aggression" on the part of the Free Worlds League by the Lyran Commonwealth in 2785 when the Commonwealth launched a pre-emptive strike on Bolan.[13]

The JihadEdit

After the attacks on the nearby worlds of Khon Kaen and Poulsbo in March 3075 by what were purported to be Circinian forces - including the liberal use of suicide bombers - the Saltillo Port Authority began quarantining all shipments from either world to allow for checks to be made to ensure that suicide bombers and terrorists were unable to move from either world to Saltillo.[14]

The Dark AgeEdit

Saltillo was attacked by mercenary units in the employ of the Lyran Commonwealth in 3113. The defending Second Tamarind Regulars faced the Spider's Web Battalion of Wolf's Dragoons and the Seventeenth Recon Regiment - also known as Camacho's Caballeros; the Second managed to push the Caballeros off Saltillo.[1]

Nearby SystemsEdit

Closest 36 systems (36 within 60 light-years)
Distance in light years, closest systems first:
Kosciusko 11.7 Promised Land 12.0 Diamantina 17.6 Epsilon 23.6
Griffith 23.7 Hell's Paradise 23.8 Zebrenaski 29.0 Schererville 29.1
Millungera 30.0 Cavanaugh 30.2 Loongana 31.3 Timbiqui 32.7
Kilarney 34.0 Edmondson 34.6 Nockatunga 35.8 Curaumilla 41.6
Tamarind 41.8 Simpson Desert 42.6 Penobscot 42.9 Alorton 43.0
Eromanga 44.9 Galisteo 46.4 Kakada 46.8 Malazan 47.7
Maderas 47.9 Conakry 49.5 Pencader 49.6 Silver 56.1
Abramkovo 57.4 Calchedon 57.8 Labouchere 57.9 Zdice 58.2
Vicksland 58.5 Alula Borealis 59.0 Cerillos 59.2 Ilion 59.4


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