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Turkina Keshik (Clan Jade Falcon)

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This article is about the military unit. For other uses, see Turkina (disambiguation).

The Turkina Keshik is the personal unit of the Jade Falcon Khan. The Jade Falcon saKhan has no Keshik, though the Khan may loan his/her unit to the saKhan.

Turkina Keshik
Unit Profile (as of 3061)
Nickname The Chosen of Turkina
Parent Formation Jade Falcon Tourman


Operation REVIVALEdit

Main article: Operation REVIVAL

One notable combat action for the Turkina Keshik was on Von Strang's World; the Turkina Keshik and the Falcon Guards were reconfigured with Arrow IV-rocket launchers and vaporized the fortress of the planet's dictator.

Wave OneEdit

Wave TwoEdit

Wave ThreeEdit

Wave FourEdit


Refusal WarEdit

Main article: Refusal War

Coventry CampaignEdit

The Turkina Keshik was deployed to Coventry with Jade Falcon forces, but did not participate as a unit. Several warriors from the Keshik were temporarily detached to the Harrier and Red-Tail ad-hoc units, which did see action against the Waco Rangers. Additionally, several Trinaries from Turkina Keshik were attached to Clusters full of younger warriors to help stiffen their resolve.[1]

Hegira WarEdit

In 3061 the Turkina Keshik fought alongside Khan Marthe Pryde against Steel Viper-forces on several planets in their shared Occupation Zone.


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Turkina Keshik
Khan Yvonne Hazen  ???? – 3020[2]
Star Colonel Elias Crichell 3020[2]
Star Colonel Vandervahn Chistu 3053[3]
Khan Marthe Pryde 30613062[1]


  • Due to the many demands on the Khan Marthe Pryde's schedule, the Keshik was normally overseen by the unit's XO, often a Star Colonel who was prepared to command a Galaxy. In 3062 the unit's XO was Star Colonel Quillic Mattlov.[1]


The Turkina Keshik hold rigidly to Zellbrigen, and specialize in the Nathaculor.

Composition HistoryEdit

Unlike many Clan Keshiks, the Turkina Keshik is always a Cluster in size. This allows them greater tactical flexibility and allows the Khan to dispatch units as needed. Only Trueborn warriors are allowed in the Turkina Keshik.[1]


  • Five Trinaries

Organization StructureEdit


The name for this unit is derived directly from Turkina, the founding Khan Elizabeth Hazen's own jade falcon memorialized in the Legend of Turkina.[4]


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