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Production information
Manufacturer Martinson Armaments, Gibson Federated BattleMechs
Model C-DVA-O
Class Heavy
Cost 19,103,963 C-bills
Technical specifications
Mass 70 tons
Chassis Celestial Series DV1E
Armor Durallex Divine Protector
Engine Inspiration 280 Light Fusion
Speed 64 km/h
BV (2.0) 1,584[1]


Another of the Word of Blake's Celestial series OmniMechs, the Deva (named for celestial beings from the Hindu belief system) also makes extensive use of new technologies. It is built with a light fusion engine, a heavy-duty gyro that can take half again as much punishment as its standard counterpart, and the small cockpit common to all of the Celestials. All of these brand new pieces make the Endo Steel frame they are assembled on seem normal by comparison. The tough 'Mech is protected by thirteen and a half tons of standard armor. It also uses the C3i Computer ubiquitous to the Celestials.


The Invictus model makes good use of its C3i Computer with a Gauss Rifle and a trio of Light PPCs. Obviously meant as a direct-fire support model, the inclusion of the Retractable Blade is somewhat confusing to outsiders, as is the paltry ton of ammunition devoted to the design's main gun. The 'Mech shields its Manei Domini pilot from the potentially dangerous Gauss Rifle with CASE in its right side.

Alternate Configurations

  • Alt. Config. B (Infernus) - Meant to stay a good distance back from enemy units, the Deva B carries an ER PPC in each arm. The Infernus piles on enough heat sinks that the MechWarrior has no real heat concerns. Adding to that, a Targeting Computer makes the cannons even more accurate. A pair of Medium Pulse Lasers that also benefit from the advanced computer can be utilized should an enemy get within range. Defensively, a Guardian ECM Suite ensures that enemies cannot benefit from electronics against the Deva or its nearby allies. BV (2.0) = 1,713[2]
  • Alt. Config. C (Comminus) - The Comminus variant is designed to mix it up close to enemies, a task it is aided in by the mobility that jump jets give it. An Ultra Autocannon/20 is still the most powerful gun in the Inner Sphere's arsenal. A three-ton, CASE-protected ammunition bin keeps it in supply, though a MechWarrior should not waste shots. For that, he or she can utilize the trio of ER Medium Laser and the single ER Small. Like the Infernus, the Deva C is protected by an ECM Suite. BV (2.0) = 1,749[2]
  • Alt. Config. D (Luminos) - This configuration has enough weapons to feel at home at range or up close. Like the Comminus variant, it mounts enough jump jets to leap up to 120 meters at a time. For long-range combat, the Deva D mounts a Heavy PPC. In close, two ER Mediums and four Medium Pulse Lasers can quickly disable an opponent. An additional ER Medium and an ER Small protect the 'Mech's rear. BV (2.0) = 1,711[2]
  • Alt. Config. E (Eminus) - The centerpiece of the Deva E is an experimental Thunderbolt 15. Similar to the Invictus variant, the Eminus mounts four Light PPCs and only carries eight rounds for its largest gun. In place of the primary configuration's Retractable Blade, the Deva E carries a pair of ER Medium Lasers, though one arm is left free of weapons. BV (2.0) = 1,686[2]



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