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Hendry Vs. Metz

Hendry Vs. Metz
Product information
Type Promotional supplemental
Author unknown
("Special previews")
Pages 4
Publication information
Publisher BattleCorps
First published 21 October 2004
Era Civil War era
Timeline 24 September 3067

Hendry Vs. Metz is an in-universe promotional leaflet that was published via BattleCorps on 21 October 2004 not as a short story, but as part of a collection of promotional downloads for the then-upcoming Mappack: Solaris VII and Technical Readout: 3055 Upgrade (referred to as "'TRO:3055 Revised").

Besides the leaflet, BattleCorps published the Heavy Metal Mayhem scenario covering the Hendry vs. Metz match, and a downloadable map of the Scrapyard arena.

Teaser textEdit

Art from the upcoming Mapset: Solaris VII & TRO 3055:Revised are in this our second Special Preview piece. Check the forums for folding instructions for your very own Solaris Fight Promo Booklet!


Two Solaris fighters— Steve "Aries" Hendry of Galahad Stables and Kelley Metz of Tandrek Stables—have agreed on a charity match following a challenge by Hendry. As it is not a sanctioned Class VI duel, it will not be held at a Class VI arena, but at the Scrapyard arena in the Reaches instead.
Map of the Scrapyard arena

Hendry, who issued the challenge, originally retired from competition in 3054, but returned from retirement in 3060 and hopes to rekindle his career by this fight against the rising star Metz, who would become the 3067 Grand Champion of Solaris VII.

Hendry is announced to be piloting L'Morte II, his MRP-3 Morpheus, while Metz is announced to pilot her TSG-9 Ti Ts'ang China Doll.