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Steven Hendry

Steven Hendry
Also known as "Aries"
Affiliation Galahad Stables
Rank Captain
Profession Arena Gladiator
MechWarrior (previous)

Steven Hendry, known as Aries, was a Mid thirty-first century Solaris VII MechWarrior of the Open Class.


Early LifeEdit

Steven Hendry had been a gladiator for most of his career[citation needed], fighting with one of the first trial runs of the 'Mech, emerging from four fights with barely a scratch. Deciding to quit while he was ahead, he retired as arena fighter in 3054.[1]

He decided to return to Galahad Stables in 3060 is hopes of rekindling his career though he was unable to recapture his old success, though in 3067 Championship he won several notable matches. On 24 September 3067 he challenged to a duel Kelley Metz. As the Class VI circuit would not sanction the duel and would not permit it be held in a Class VI arena, Hendry and Metz agreed to fight the duel as a charity event in the Scrapyard arena in the reaches with his new 'Mech L’Mort II.[2][1]


His first 'Mech was a Morpheus from an early OmniTech Industries production run with the claw mounted in the left arm which he named "L'Morte", which he had destroyed when he left the circuit the first time in 3054.[1]

In 3067 he was piloting a MPR-3 Morpheus "L'Morte II".[2]


Sometimes he is called Steve, for example in Technical Readout 3055 Upgrade.[1]


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