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Silas Kufahl

Silas Kufahl
Died 3072
Affiliation Clan Coyote
Profession Khan

Silas Kufahl (born 30?? - died 3072[1]) was a warrior of Clan Coyote who would rise through the ranks to eventually become Khan, guiding his Clan during the events of the Wars of Reaving. While he reigned, the Coyote leadership would become pawns of The Society, though he would also assist many other Clans in their escapes from the Clan Homeworlds.[2]


A vocal critic of Khan Sullivan Koga's reformation of the Clan Coyote Touman, Silas Kufahl would earn a taste of Khan Koga's wrath when his Gamma Galaxy was the first to be disbanded. Without a command he would languish until finding a spot as a Star Colonel in Epsilon Galaxy. Though he would often be at odds with Galaxy Commander Raven Clearwater, Star Colonel Kufahl's protests would relent somewhat with time, as he came to the realization that the conflict could be detrimental to his Clan as a whole.[3] This display of leadership would help Kufahl to be elected Loremaster in 3053, later ascending to the post of saKhan in 3056 after the death of Pazi Tchernovkov. Though he remained outspoken, he and Khan Koga worked well together, each recognizing that the other only desired the best possible future for Clan Coyote.[2][3]

Post-Refusal ConflictsEdit

Many trials and raids between Clans took place after the Annihilation of Clan Smoke Jaguar, the Abjuration of Clan Nova Cat and the exodus of Clan Ghost Bear to the Inner Sphere. Territory, resources and technology were all up for grabs. In 3062, Khan Koga would lead elements of Delta Galaxy against forces from Clan Star Adder on the former Jaguar world of Huntress. After procuring plans for the ProtoMech, Khan Koga would die leading her forces in another (successful) Trial of Possession to gain scientists and technicians who had worked in development of the new technology.[4][5]

Khan of the CoyotesEdit

Though Silas Kufahl would rise to the Khanship of Clan Coyote, it would not be without resistance. Many Coyote warriors remembered how outspoken Kufalh was with regard to Sullivan Koga's reformation of Clan Coyote Touman. Many feared that he would work to undo her progress if he were to ascend to the Khanship. Facing dozens of Trials of Grievance and Possession, the Coyote's over-all vigilance suffered while much of its leadership was focused on removing him from office. Clan Jade Falcon would choose this time to attack the Coyotes, sensing their internal strife. Hitting Tamaron, they made swift progress in the initial days of landing. This invasion galvanized the Coyotes into action. Khan Kufahl worked with his long-time rival, Galaxy Commander Raven Clearwater, organizing the defense and counter attack of the Falcons, eventually driving them from the planet in two decisive engagements. After the Jade Falcon threat had passed, Khan Kufahl and Galaxy Commander Clearwater fought a Trial of Possession for the Khanship of Clan Coyote, one that would serve as proxy for all other such challenges yet to come. Kufahl would come out on top, but only barely - his 'Mech shut down just seconds after he disabled Clearwater's 'Mech.[4][5]

Together with newly elected saKhan Clearwater, the final steps were taken to complete Sullivan Koga's reforms.[4] However, he would also set about gathering power for his Clan and himself. In 3068, Khan Kufahl set his sites on the faltering Kindraa of Clan Fire Mandrill. He was also enticed by rumors of an electric armor development by a sect of Kindraa Sainze scientists, and desired the technological edge that such a thing would offer. Kindraa Sainze rebuffed all offers made by the Coyotes, but Kindraa Mattila-Carrol would accept a mutually beneficial deal that gave the Coyotes the scientific access that they wanted, as well as a small enclave on the Mandrill world of Shadow. In turn, Coyote concessions helped to increase Mattila-Carrol's power by nearly half. The divides in Fire Mandrill society would grow with increasing speed, especially after the Coyotes proved nearly impossible to evict from their new enclave.[6]

In 3070, the Khan Kufahl was approached by Clan Hell's Horses Khan James Cobb, who offered the Coyotes control of their enclaves on Tiber and Kirin in exchange for material assistance in their efforts to move to the Inner Sphere. Accepting the deal that would greatly increase Coyote resources and production, Khan Kufahl would also be in a better position to do something about Clan Steel Viper and their power bloc, the Snake Alliance, who together increasingly dominated politics in the Grand Council. Realizing Viper Khan Brett Andrews' ill-concealed ambition, Kufaul quietly selected the Vipers as his Clan's ultimate target. A deal similar to the Hell's Horses arangement was struck with Clan Snow Raven on Hellgate, and would help to steadily increase the Coyote's strength to a level where successfully challenging the Steel Vipers became possible. After seeming to follow through on attacks with Clan Star Adder against the Snow Ravens and Clan Diamond Shark - attacks that were cover for their assisting each Clan as agreed - the Coyotes would pick up several more Clusters. He also negotiated the deal with Clan Wolf that would net them additional units (the entirety of Omicron Galaxy and five Stars of merchant transports) and ten sibkos in exchange for two Wolf Clan WarShips. The Coyotes would also receive the giftake of Jennifer Winson at about this time, in what was a most precious transaction.[6][7]

After the Wolves' Abjurement, Khan Kufahl bid intensely for the right to banish the Wolves from the Clan Homeworlds, beating out efforts by the Steel Vipers and the Star Adders. Several Clans would act despite this, dashing much of the plans that would have allowed the Wolves to exit the Kerensky Cluster with minimal losses. Following up with more raids against the Fire Mandrills on Foster and Shadow, would net them more materials, though it became obvious to some of Kufahl's rival Khans that the Coyotes were expanding beyond their means to defend their gains.[8]

The Time of ReavingsEdit

Everything changed in December of 3071. The Grand Council would not only overturn the Great Refusal, it would elect Khan Brett Andrews of Clan Steel Viper as the new ilKhan. He would immediately announce his new decree: In order to be pure of Inner Sphere taint, he authorized Reavings against Bloodnames connected with the Invading Clans. Any Clan could call a Reaving, and if carried through, that Clan would then have control of that legacy. The decree was worded in such a way that Reavings could be called on any Bloodname that could be identified as tainted by an accuser. Suddenly, any Clan could take any Bloodname as long as it could carry out the Reaving. Several Khans voiced quiet concerns about the negative effect this would have on the Clans as a whole, but were powerless to stop it. Most would be swept up into the storm of Reavings in the years to come.[9]

Pawn of the SocietyEdit

Perhaps the most concerned were the Clans' scientists, who watched as over 200 years of work was destroyed by the ilKhan's short-sighted decree. A secret cabal of scientists that had been slowly building on many Clan worlds called the Society felt forced to act. Their main vector of attack was Clan Coyote, whom they had largely co-opted at some point. After a Coyote Clan Council meeting with most of their scientists caste, the Coyote's path would be confirmed. They would throw their support with the scientists, and against the body of Clans, in an effort to save Kerensky's children from themselves.[10][11]

It is the victor that determines what is honorable, and what is treason. That is the Way.

—(Excerpt) Khan Silas Kufahl to saKhan Raven Clearwater.[11]

Initially, the Coyote's strikes would come as part of the opening orgy of Reaving calls. When Shadow was assaulted as part of the Reaving of Kindraa Mick-Kreese-Kline-Sainze, the Coyotes carried out the bulk of the assault against the fractious Fire Mandrills. As Mandrill saKhan Dakar Mick surrendered himself with the last of his warriors, the Coyotes cut them all down, killing every last warrior, before turning their guns on the token forces sent by Clan Goliath Scorpion and Clan Steel Viper, seizing their salvage and naval assets as isorla.[12]

With this flourish, Khan Kufahl's assault against Clan society was fully joined. Hitting worlds such as Dagda, Circe, Babylon, Huntress, Vinton, and Brim among others, the Coyotes would act as the official military of the Society (at least in the Clan Homeworlds) while the scientists built up their millitary force of washed out Trueborns and Dark Caste Bandits. Each world targeted was taken for the Society. Assisting the Coyotes in their quick conquest, the Society would release its own weapons. One of these weapons was a series of genetically targeted viruses, tailored to kill members of specific Bloodname heritages.[13] Another of these weapons was a computer virus that targeted and disabled HPG communications - for years in some cases - and could spread itself to targeted worlds. There was yet another set of these electronic virii that targeted Jumpship navigation computers, destroying most ship's systems once infected, rendering many vessels useless.[14][15]

Challenging the Bloody ilKhanEdit

Everything led inexorably to the challenge that Khan Silas Kufahl would make in 3072. Landing with a sizable force on New Kent, he would shock the ilKhan by calling a Reaving on the Andrews Bloodname, ostensibly for his failure at bringing about a renewed Clan invasion of the Inner Sphere. Meeting ilKhan Andrews in his Clan Council chamber, Khan Kufahl would not survive five minutes in a Trial against the ilKhan.[1]


Though it would take several more actions on behalf of the Society, eventually the other Clans would come to the full realization that they had been betrayed by one of their own. But the legacy of these events is certainly a mixed one. While Clan Coyote betrayed Clan society on a far greater scale than the Not-Named Clan ever did, their actions perhaps helped to save the Clans as a whole from the corruption that was rotting them from the top down.

Khan Kufahl would be succeeded by a Trueborn scientist-turned-warrior, trotted out by the Society who no longer had need of keeping their secret.

Title and PositionEdit


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