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Yin Takami

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Yin Takami
Died 2994
Affiliation ComStar
Profession Primus of ComStar

Yin Takami (?? – 2994) was the tenth Primus of ComStar. While continuing to try and suppress the Great Houses attempts to rediscover Lostech, Takami's most notable contribution to ComStar was the introduction of the Advocate or State Precentors to the First Circuit.


Early service to ComStarEdit

Takami rose to the rank of Precentor New Earth, serving on the Order's First Circuit. Upon the sudden death of Adrienne Sims in 2979, the First Circuit chose Takami as her successor for the post of Primus.

Primus of ComStarEdit

Within ten days of Takami accepting the Primacy, ROM learned that the Taurian Concordat had discovered an ancient Black Lion-class battlecruiser, the SLS Tripitz, in orbit around New Vandenburg. With all Successor State WarShips lost in the early Succession Wars, even the slim prospect that the Taurians could return the Tripitz to service appalled the First Circuit.

In response, Primus Takami ordered the 1st Division of the ComStar Guards sent to destroy the ship before the Taurian Concordat could recover it. Refusing all attempts at communication and their ships painted white with no identifying marks, the Com Guards destroyed Tripitz, while inspiring the legend of the Vandenberg White Wings.

Despite reservations in the First Circuit that an offensive response was against the neutrality professed by Jerome Blake, Takami countered that as long as the identity of ComStar's forces had been not discovered the he not breached the divine will of Blake.

While the so-called Tripitz Affair was a great success, for which Takami rewarded the Com Guards with increased funds to expand it's 'Mech element, other attempts Takami introduced to suppress the efforts of the Great Houses to rediscover Lostech, such as Operation Holy Shroud II, ultimately ended in failure.

Takami's most far reaching contribution to the Order was the creation of the position of Advocate-Precentor in 2988. Believing that the existing First Circuit members had become more politicians than technocrats, Takami added four new members to the body to speak for all the ComStar installations within their given realms, Precentor Tharkad for the Lyran Commonwealth, Precentor Sian for the Capellan Confederation, Precentor Atreus for the Free Worlds League, and Precentor New Avalon for the Federated Suns. Precentor Dieron was made the advocate of the Draconis Combine.

Death and LegacyEdit

Yin Takami's primacy came to an abrupt and violent end in 2994 when his JumpShip, Pride of Blake suffered a total engine-core overload and meltdown at the Sol nadir jump point. While the Primus's DropShip was able to detach, it was caught in the explosion and Primus Takami and two members of First Circuit were killed. Having not named a successor, the surviving First Circuit elected Allen Rusenstein, Precentor Alpha C, to the post.

The most lasting effect of Takami's tenure as Primus was the introduction of the Advocate-Precentor position. In time these state Precentors began to suplant the power of the Precentors to the HPG network First Circuit, though still retaining their seats chose to stop attending as they became increasingly sidelined. This changed the balance of power in the First Circuit, reducing the number of attending Precentors and allowing the Primus to more easily control the body.

Philosophical and/or political viewsEdit

Like many who rose to the rank of Primus, Takami held militant views as to ComStar's role in the Inner Sphere, but Takami was among the first who was more than willing to take direct action as opposed to the indirect manipulation practiced by others.

Titles and PositionsEdit